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Natural Wood Veneer

Natural Wood Veneer

A sheet of wood, obtained from slicing a block of wood lengthways, with uniform thickness, in different species and different sizes.

Once cut the sheets are appropriately dried, clipped and finally classified into homogeneous lots, according to figures and dimensions.

Joined together, the veneers form exclusive surfaces which are always created in accordance with the aesthetic look of each decorative style and type of application: furniture, doors, panels, mouldings, edge bandings, etc.



Lengths:     From 500 mm  to  4000 mm
Widths:         From 100 mm  to  500 mm
Thicknesses:   From 0.50 mm  to  2 mm


Standard Sizes:     2460 x 1240 mm 
                               2520 x 1270 mm
                               2770 x 1850 mm 
                               2820 x 2090 mm

Other Size:   Upon Request



The packet, or bundle, is wrapped in plastic to protect its four long sides. The top part has a rigid panel and the lower part has a cardboard. Placed on a wooden platform with spacing battens. Everything joined and held together by straps.

The storage conditions for this product are: a dry, well ventilated place and protected from direct sunlight.

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    Manufacturing process

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