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Dyed Wood Veneer

Dyed Wood Veneer

Using select natural wood veneers and applying a complex dying process, we get a veneer with homogeneous tone, gloss and saturation throughout the all the sheet.

Once the dyed veneer sheets are joined, they produce surfaces so uniform in colour that it would be difficult to achieve by means of varnishing techniques.

Given the wide range of possibilities, this product opens the way for the imagination, facilitates the creation of furniture or avant-garde atmospheres, which will always be known for their exclusiveness and elegance.


From 2500 mm  to  2800 mm
From 2800 mm  to  3050 mm
From 3100 mm  to  3200 mm

0.60 mm  



The packet, or bundle, is wrapped in plastic to protect its four long sides. The top part has a rigid panel and the lower part has a cardboard. Placed on a wooden platform with spacing battens. Everything joined and held together by straps.

The storage conditions for this product are: a dry, well ventilated place and protected from direct sunlight.

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