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Worktops are strips of particle board covered with a high pressure laminate sheet (HPL) on one of its faces and on one of its sides, to which the corresponding edging has been applied.

The high pressure laminate (HPL) gives the resulting surface a very high resistance to scratching, heat, moisture, domestic acids and to any possible de-coloration caused by sunlight.

It is the ideal product for kitchen work areas, office tables, all types of counters and, in general, any furniture for which wear and tear resistance is essential.


4100  mm

600 mm

29 mm - 39 mm


The upper part of packet is covered (with rigid panel) and cardboard with corporate trade marks. Spacing battens on the lower side. Everything is bound together by straps.

The storage conditions for this product are: a dry, well ventilated place and protected from direct sunlight.


  • R206

    Two radiuses 6 on the edging.

  • R209

    Two radiuses 9 on the edging.

  • 1 SIDE

    Profile on one long side.

  • 2 SIDES

    Profile on two long sides.

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Manufacturing process

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