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Postforming is a board (particle board or mdf) covered in decorative melamined paper, with a barrier paper inserted. On the long edges of these strips exact processes of trimming, shaping and modelling are carried out. The whole process is then finished with splicing/gluing of the same surface board laminate with what is known as profile or form.

The excellent qualities of the postforming endow furniture with a finish which is hard to beat, perfect detail and less joins, indispensable aspects when manufacturing products of beauty, high quality and resistance.


2440 mm - 2600 mm

138 mm - 248 mm - 298 mm - 348 mm - 398 mm
448 mm - 498 mm - 598 mm - 698 mm - 798 mm

16 mm - 19 mm - 22 mm - 25 mm - 30 mm


The upper part of packet is covered (with rigid panel) and cardboard with corporate trade marks. Spacing battens on the lower side. Everything is bound together by straps.

The conditions necessary for its storage are: a well ventilated place, without humidity, and protected from direct sunlight.


  • R105

    A radius 5 on the edging.

  • R205

    Two radiuses 5 on the edging.

  • R109

    One radius 9 on the edging.

  • R209

    Two radiuses 9 on the edging.

  • 1 SIDE

    Postformed on one long side.

  • 2 SIDES

    Postformed on the two long sides.

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Manufacturing process

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