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Cut Edged Panels

Cut Edged Panels

Board panels (particle board or mdf), covered on both faces with melamine paper and with both long sides edge-banded with PVC laminates of different thicknesses.

This product offers a range of more than two hundred aesthetically pleasing design options, each of them thought of so as to provide the appropriate solution to each decorative project.

This is the appropriate material for the manufacture of shelves, insides of wardrobes, panelling, screens and particularly so for the making of modular furniture: kitchen, bathroom, offices, homes, etc.


2440 mm - 2600 mm - 3660 mm

138 mm - 248 mm - 298 mm - 348 mm - 398 mm
448 mm - 498 mm - 598 mm - 698 mm - 798 mm

16 mm - 19 mm - 22 mm - 25 mm - 30 mm


The upper part of packet is covered (with rigid panel) and cardboard with corporate trade marks. Spacing battens on the lower side. Everything is bound together by straps.

The storage conditions for this product are: a dry, well ventilated place and protected from direct sunlight.


  • PVC 0.4 mm

    PVC Edge banding, 0.4mm thickness.

  • PVC 1 mm

    PVC Edge banding, 1 mm thickness.

  • PVC 2 mm

    PVC edge banding, 2 mm thickness.

  • PVC 3 mm

    PVC edge banding, 3 mm thickness.

  • 1 SIDE

    PVC edge banded on one long side.

  • 2 SIDES

    PVC edge banded on two long sides.


    Groove on the surface.

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Manufacturing process

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