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Particle Board


Made with wood particles agglutinated with heat hardened synthetic resins, it undoubtedly offers more advantages than natural wood: greater dimensional stability, uniform physical-mechanical properties, absence of cracks and knots, uniform thickness, perfect surface sanding, good themal-acoustic insulation and cutting in any direction.

The extra-fine surface is ideal for painting, lacquering, PVC, melamine papers, finish-foil, wood veneer and high and medium pressure laminates.


4880x2440 mm - 3660x2050 mm - 3660x1830 mm - 3050x1220 mm
3660x2440 mm - 2850x2050 mm - 2750x1830 mm - 2440x1220 mm
2440x2440 mm - 2600x2050 mm - 2600x1830 mm
4880X2050 mm - 2440x2050 mm - 2440x1830 mm

08 mm   -  10 mm    -   12 mm    -   13 mm    -   15 mm    -   16 mm
18 mm   -  19 mm    -   22 mm    -   25 mm    -   30 mm    -   35 mm
40 mm   -  45 mm 


The upper part of the packet is covered with cardboard bearing the corporate trade mark. Spacing battens on the lower part. Everything is bound together by by straps.

The storage conditions for this product are: a dry, well ventilated plae and protected from direct sunlight.

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Manufacturing process

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