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Edge Glued Panel

Edge Glued Panel

Board formed by solid Radiata Pine wood strips of equal cross section and bonded with approved adhesives. The result is large format panel with good stability for machining: cutting, turning, carving, drilling, etc.

Given both its technical and aesthetic qualities, this board is recommended for making high quality items for the manufacture of furniture for young people, modern, rustic and for kitchens (doors and worktops). It is also recommended for carpentry in general: mouldings, internal doors, screens, panelling, etc.


2400x1200 mm
2500x1200 mm

12 mm  -  18 mmm  -  22 mm  -  25 mm  -  30 mm  -  40 mm


The upper part of packet is covered (with rigid panel) and cardboard with corporate trade marks. Spacing battens on the lower side. Everything is bound together by straps.

The storage conditions for this product are: a dry, well ventilated place and protected from direct sunlight.


  • Type – A/B

    One clean face and back face with some knots.

  • Type – B/B

    Both faces with knots.

  • Type – C/C

    Both faces with knots and other natural wood defects.

  • Type – Finger Joint A/A

    Dovetailed board, both faces clean.

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Manufacturing process

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