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Tubular Particle Board

Tubular Particle Board

Plain door composed of a pine wood frame with a low weight (9 kg/m2) tubular particle board panel inside, covered on both faces with 3 mm MDF melamine board panels and PVC edged perimeters of different thicknesses or with sold wood mouldings in the form of U.

With the same traditional technical characteristics, its low weight and high resistance combine perfectly with an excellent acoustic insulation, making it suitable for use anywhere: homes, businesses, sports installations, medical centres, etc….


2030 mm   -   2110 mm.

425 mm  -  625 mm  -  725 mm  - 825 mm  -  925 mm

35 mm   -  40 mm  -  45  mm


White corrugated cardboard protection with corporate trade marks.

The storage conditions for this product are: a dry, well ventilated place and protected from direct sunlight.


    • PVC

      PVC edge banding in 0.4 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm thicknesses.

    • WOOD

      Solid wood mouldings in Pine, Beech, Oak and Sapele.

    • 0 Sides

      Door without edging.

    • 2 Sides

      Edged on the long sides.

    • 3 Sides

      Edged on the two long sides and on one width.

    • 4 Sides

      Door edged on all sides.

    • Porthole

      MDF moulding without covering.

    • Ventilation Grille

      Aluminium piece, natural finish.

    • Varnish

      Varnish for mouldings: colourless and semi-matt.

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