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Melamine Paper

Melamine Paper

The result of impregnating absorbent decorative paper with a combination of resins and catalysers, for use in low pressure short cycle press lines.

Applying the appropriate press parameters, this product is used to cover board surfaces (particle board, MDF, Tablex, plywood, etc.,), the result being a very resistant surface and aesthetically similar to varnished or lacquered wood.


2460 mm   -   2620 mm   -   2770 mm   -   2870 mm   -   3070 mm
3680 mm   -   4120 mm   -   4900 mm   -   5120 mm   -   5220 mm

1240 mm   -   1850 mm   -   2070 mm   -   2120 mm 


Material totally wrapped in plastic, stored on a pallet and protected at the top with a rigid board. Everything is strapped lengthways and transversally.

For storage it needs a constant temperature of between 15º C and 25º C and 50% to 60% relative humidity. Under these storage conditions the life of the melamine paper is three months.



      Normal Melamine Paper for vertical applications.


      Highly elastic Melamine Paper.

    • L.P.

      Apt for painting and varnishing once pressed. Normal or glued.

    • KRAFT

      Of an ochre tone and which is normally used as a compensatory face. Standard impregnation and postformable.


      Translucent paper which, together with a decorative paper, gives a more resistant surface. Recommended for vertical applications.

    • 70 grs/m2
    • 80 grs/m2
    • 90 grs/m2
    • 100 grs/m2
    • 105 grs/m2
    • 110 grs/m2
    • 120 grs/m2
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    Manufacturing process

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